Black Magic Mantra or Spells to Kill Your Enemy in Hindi

Black Magic Mantra To Kill Enemy in Hindi

Black magic mantra or spells haBlack Magic Spells or Mantra to Kill Your Enemyve been practicing since years ago by tantrik’s and aghori baba’s. Black magic spells and rituals have been used earlier to help mankind instantly from severe problems but as time has passed away some of the aghori and tantrik baba’s has mis-utilized the effect of black magic spells to satisfy their evil needs. There are many black magic spells to solve every problem of a mankind. for example there are black magic spells to kill someone, destroy your enemy, get your lost love back, get your ex-husband back, spells to make your husband listen to you, spells to make you rich, spells to attract any women or men. In this Post we will discuss about black magic spells to kill or destroy your enemy.

Black Magic Spells To Kill Your Enemy in Hindi

Are you really afraid of your enemies or you are being threatened by your enemies on timely manner and you are not able to face them as they are quite rich and powerful and you are afraid of that nobody will listen you. your family members are at risk of life. in such case you can take help from our black magic vashikaran specialist astrologer, who has known across India for his fine art of performing black magic and vashikaran spells. These black magic spells to kill someone are known as death spells. In black magic spell world death spells are a subset of health Spells. health Spells are the spells through which health for a particular person is asked and attained as soon as possible. Though there is a misconception in most of the people’s mind that these black magic spells to kill or destroy enemy will kill your enemy instantly as opposed of this these black magic spells will actually make the body of your enemy to get ill and then your enemy will die. These black magic spells will not cause direct death of the victim. because of the fact that these black magic spells are so much powerful that when they backfire onto the caster, they are usually much more powerful compare to normal, making removal of a such mis-cast death spell is almost impossible.

Casting Black Magic Spells to Kill Your Enemy

Draw the upside down star, Make a fire in the middle and put the candles at the points of the star say:-Hey god let them know what pains they have caused me. Then put the list of names of your enemies in the fire and say: Lord as I have send them to you let them know they are screwed. When the fire goes out say: Lord they are coming now make them scream very loud. if Lord comes to you it worked.

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  1. Sidd

    Kill my thirst. This person, I want dead. Make it so. Write the persons name in the star and rip the paper up.
    So, these were the words and preceedings I had followed. I have done this black magic thing for the first time in my life, I did it for fun but with a lot of seriousness.i did it at midnight, but when I was done with it,I felt a lot of negative energies surrounding me and felt as if something wrong happened. I want to remove this. Please help me


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