Shabar Mantra : Know Why They are Useful to Fulfill Any Desire

Shabar Mantras are very powerful mantras and considered to bring the result very quickly instead of any other spells. It is also believed that these Shabar mantras was written by Guru Gorakhnath Ji. Specialty of these Shabar mantras are that they are easily understandable by the common people as these Shabar mantras are in Hindi or in other Indian rural languages. Some people have misconception that these Shabar mantras are only found in Hinduism while not being the actual fact they are also found in Islam and other religions as well. A Shabar mantra is quite different actually from the Vedic mantra that we read in our religious book. To use Vedic mantras effectively one needs to get “Siddhi” while Shabar mantras are auto energized and they can be used even by a common man quite easily and effectively to bring all his wishes come true. In fact Shabar mantras makes it’s deity to come and do the desired work immediately. In these mantras, Swear of gurus, prophets, gods and goddesses or his parents etc. are given in these mantras which brings his repo in question and makes him to complete the task for which his Shabar Mantra is being recited for.

Shabar mantras have one other specialty that these mantras are quite easy to use for common people compare to Vedic mantras which requires a lots of do and don’ts before using the mantras. You are not require also to correct any word or get any meaning from it as these mantra have been written in Indian rural languages. It’s possible to get out of any trouble by using Shabar mantras. If you or your loved one has been suffered from black magic or vashikaran spells, Shabar mantras are the only options as Shabar mantras are completely able to destroy all vashikaran and black magic spells regardless of how strong the vashikaran or black magic spells are.

There are various kind of Shabar mantra that are used for particular purpose. So if you want to fulfil any of your desire, you should be knowing the right Shabar mantra to accomplish the task and the right “Vidhi” (Process of using the Shabar Mantras). Each Shabar mantra have some specific Vidhi that is also associated with them if someone gives you a particular Shabar mantra.

Remember one thing that shabar mantras are for mankind and does not offer any harm to you. In fact they are used in removing evil or black magic spells. Such bad practices are usually done by a tantric or Aamil on the request of their clients and customers who have some kind of jealousy to someone. Shabar mantra are to protect you from such evil spells.

In vedic astrology, there are Shat Karmas and Shabar mantras are used for all shat-karmas i.e. shantikaran, vashikaran, uchatan, videshan, stambhan  and maran. These mantras are also used for protection against spells, nazar dosh, ailments, evil spirits etc. These mantras should be used as they are.

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